Friday, November 4, 2011

Wine Tasting, or just another reason why I NEED to get to Spain.

Spec's. Maybe you've heard of it?

Thanks to NinjaCupcake, who always seems to know the cool happ'nins around town, THE LADIES hit up Spec's last night for some very tasty wine tasting... and cheese and cracker eating (my favorite part).

Wines of the night: Ribera del Duero. We learned about Spain, History, Grape Varietals...oh hell, you can read the slide yourself.

Let me break it down for you...

I can promise you one of these two is up to no good...and it's NOT the one studying her wine sheet...

Ohhh Ninja. She knows the finer things in life.

I was having an "eyes closed" moment with my "yum and cheap."

This 100 year old yahoo keeps his phone turned on its highest volume (presumably to be able to hear it), then proceeds to get three obnoxious phone calls during the hour-long class, THEN puts the call on speakerphone every time. Insert my rant on old people+technology (which is not nearly as scathing as the rant on old people+social networking).

I put OJ in a chokehold. It's kind of an awkward photo.

Please note Instructor-Man conducting class behind us.

The ladies DO Spec's. To be continued.

Our little OJ is off to run the NYC Marathon this weekend, and I am so, so excited for and proud of her! This lady can do it all, y'all, no exage.

Tonight, I babysit. It's me vs. a one-year-old, may the best man win. Saturday I'm running with Le Ninj, crafting some fantastic infiniti scarves with my moms and then heading out to BFE Mexico for work on Sunday.

Happy first Friday of November! Make it a great one!


  1. #1 - Love the new name THE LADIES. I may just start calling us TL

    #2 - Double love Le Ninj.

    #3 - Are you knitting the infiniti scarves? I'm a knitter. (duh!) I want to crash your party and learn!

    #4 - moms plural?

  2. Haha Ninj, of COURSE you knit! But no, me and my one mom (sometimes referred to as "yo pops", only the mom version) are sewing them. I REALLY want to learn to knit though!! Maybe we can have a once-a-month knitting club...?!

  3. You're sewing them? *insert intrigue here* Tell me more please.

    Duh, I come from Oregon. Hippies in the cold gotta make all their own trendy clothing.