Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Clubbin'

The thought of travelling anywhere without ample reading material terrifies me more than the off-chance I'd board a plane being terrorized by some seriously pissed off reptiles, with Sammy-J nowhere to be found.

Why do I suspect that doubles as both his "I'ma Cut You" and "Let's make-a Love" face?
 Herego, I'm never without ample reading material because I don't LIKE being that terrified.

I finished "Sybil, Exposed" and found it fascinating. It makes me wonder how many illnesses have been almost entirely fabricated by our "most trusted sources" for money, status and fame. It just reminds me to always ask before believing, question before jumping. Please know I'm not making light of anyone suffering from ANY illness, mental or otherwise; I know too many people struggling with pains, concerns and the like that I wish I could remove entirely, totally, now. 

Alright, moving on to things I actually know about...

Joan Didion - Blue Nights
 I was first introduced to Joan through "The Year of Magical Thinking." Wow, I loved that book. It was definitely a life-changer. Extremely sad (I think I was already crying before leaving the B&N parking lot. Don't worry, Moms was driving.), but very touching. While TYOMT was about her husband's death, "Blue Nights" was written as an expression of her grief about her daughter's death, which occurred almost simultaneously with her husband's passing. How's that for a heavy as hell dose of life's propensity to just suck...and then suck some more?

This book did not speak to me like TYOMT did. Maybe because I've never had a daughter, but I feel like this book - more than the other - Joan wrote for herself, her healing and her clarity than for anyone else. She just happens to be an author with a deadline, too. She fixates on little details of her daughter's life and repeats them over and over throughout the book, details that weren't explained or given meaning, just repeated. I don't fault her; I just don't understand. She's grieving still, clearly, and this is a written expression of that process. I appreciate and cherish her honesty and rawness, even if I don't understand it. I don't think anyone could or should.

Looking back, I have no idea why I DL'ed this book, other than I once (c. 2002 maybe) saw an Ellen Degeners standup that was hilarious, and I've loved her ever since, despite not ever finding her that funny again.
 Ellen shares a similarity with Joan, as a matter of fact. They both don't care what you think or how you receive them. Again, respek, yo. I have a feeling this book would be much, much better - entertaining even! - in audiobook form, with Ellen reading. It's coming across very sing-song in my own voice, and I wish I could hear how Ellen imagines it in her own head. But then again, she doesn't care how she comes across, and that comes across in her book. Not my fave, but mildly entertaining still.

Well, my plan was to go running at lunch, but due unforeseen issues with the project we're working on coinciding with the siesta, doesn't look like I'll be getting to the hotel until 2, at which point I will have probably knawed both legs off anyways. I was snacking on some Sour Jelly Beans, but the ants got to them FTW.

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