Thursday, November 3, 2011


Yum. Typical breakfast (whittled it down to around 350 cals).

Typical dumb things that make me happy.

Typical philosophy in life.

Typical things that don't belong together. Much like me and work today.

Typical mantra.

Typical, romantic, idealistic me.

Typical daily goal.
Typical way I like to spend my Sunday nights (watching Breaking Bad, which is OVER for the year).

A peak into my run-of-the-mills for this oh-so-average Thursday.

I did end up watching Crazy, Stupid Love last night, and Ryan Gosling is still ridiculously, painfully hot in that movie. I guess I only have room for one blonde-boy love in my life.

Tonight, wine tasting with the girls. Aka Thirsty Thursday done right.

Tomorrow night, I agreed to babysit for a neighbor. I'm still not sure how that happened, but I'm terrified. I haven't cared for anyone's young things in years, and I don't think I've ever babysat something this young. Not only is my life such that I can babysit pretty much any given Friday, but I also had to make sure a parent would retrieve said young thing by 10 pm at the latest, so I could be in bed at "a reasonable hour." What have I become? Training for this marathon has turned me into a mutant, middle-aged 26 year old! Buhhhh.

November Goal Update:
$7 spent on food as of 11/3/11
2 miles+weights as of 11/3/11
Food log in full swing. Somehow consumed an embarrasingly large number of Airheads last night. Airheads. I'm hopeless.

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