Friday, November 4, 2011

Good Things

Have to say, these two things are making me TOTALLY happy these days.

Disclaimer: by "these days" I mean I discovered them within the last week and have been totes obsessed for a period of time lasting no longer than 4 days (so far). But I'm REALLY obsessed, so it seems like much longer.

1. My feelings about coconut range from disinterested to dislike. My feelings about chocolate milk are simple: LOVE the stuff, HATE the cals/fat. Chocolate milk, then, usually gets passed over for fear of developing elephantbutt or rhinorear. HOWEVER. Thanks to an impromptu trip to the Kroger (booo) in the Heights (yayyyy!), I came upon THIS:

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water

Not too shabs, Zico!
 I'm not saying this tastes exactly like chocolate milk, but it's delicious in its own way, and it's very easy for me to forget it's actually coconut-based. To say I guzzled is an understatement. I'm a little sad I'm on such a strict budget this month otherwise I could easily spend that $100 stocking up on this heavenly nectar.

2. I have my shows. Like, the shows I DVR, the shows I neglect friends for, the guilty pleasure shows, my Food Network shows...I don't watch a ton of TV, but I'm loyal to my shows.

  • Breaking Bad, fave show of all time
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Giada at Home
  • Rachel Ray's Week in a Day
  • Brunch @ Bobby's
  • And the old, retired classics: Sex and the City, LOST, the Sopranos

Takes a big shift in the force or strong recommendation from qualified recommenders for me to add a show to the lineup. Rarely, do I stumble upon them of my own accord...Rarely, but sometimes, it does happen...

New Girl on Fox

Hi, Zooey and Jake. Y'all are starring characters in such a cute little new show!

So adorable!
New Girl, I love it! I have laughed out loud to every episode, which is a very rare thing and you know it!

Which brings me to my next topic: my type. Turns out, Jake Johnson is a perfect example. Let me break it down for you. I don't like preps, jocks or yuppies. The boys who attract my attention are the opposite of trendy, poised and generic. I guess, to coin a new category, you'd call him caveman-geeky-chic. See below.

Caveman-geeky-chic. Looks like he might occassionally mispell his own name, punch out strangers for talking smack about a family member, shave infrequently enough to where it's a surprise when babyface appears, laugh really loudly, enjoy being dirty and sweaty...and yet, he brushes his perfect teeth 3 times a day, loves to cook, kills it at work, knows what's up with hair product, adores dogs - even mine-  and can run a sub-4 marathon. Oh, and he doesn't - would never - wear Vibrams.

Some would suggest such a man doesn't exist and that I'm projecting huge parts of myself onto this phantom-man. I say suck it, he's out there, and I will knock you out so fast for ever doubting me.

These are the things making me really happy right now. Enjoy!

November Goal Update:
$7 spent on food as of 11/4/11
6  miles+weights as of 11/4/11
Food log in full swing. Somehow consumed an embarrasingly large number of Airheads last night. Airheads. I'm hopeless. candied walnuts. Still hopeless.

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  1. chocolate zico is life-changing (not sure what that says about my life, haha). it's delicious and i bought a case from amazon so i could enjoy a bottle after each long run. sooo good.

    also, hot geeky guys (who usually don't know they're hot) are where it's at. i'm biased though bc i married one, ha