About Me

My name is Amy Still, and I usually go by AmyStill. I'm a first-and-last-namer.


Vacations + Happy hours + girlfriends = very fun.

I love to cross things off my bucket list: Surfing in Costa Rica

These are my favorites, though none live in Houston. They are each amazing and accomplished.  

 I live in Houston, in the great and mighty state of Texas.

I love Jesus and I do my best to live for Him on a daily basis. His love, forgiveness and grace have changed my life, and I have hope and a future because of His pure goodness.

I work in the oil and gas industry, which is still weird to me, because I'm much more of a barefeet and clean living person. I have a pretty sweet gig though because I get to meet and train a lot of interesting people, and sometimes I get to go cool places.

I have an older and a younger brother, and two sister-in-laws, and I'm stupid proud of all of them. They are brilliant, athletic, unique, artistic and caring. I love my family!

The Stills. :)

I have two furbabies.

Roger: Rogie, Rogilio, Roy, my Little black boy, Tiny blackmatter, Weinieweinz, Sleepyboy, Cuddletime and Bigbelly.

Lion Paws, sittin' pretty at 2.5 years old.

Dapper Doxie in a vest his Aunt Dee made him. ~1.5 years old.

Just a tiny little thing, about a year old. His first beach experience. The tail says it all!
And Benny: my first rescue dog and my first pug. BenBen, Benzie, Pugsly, Pugpug, Squishyface, Squishsquish, Stinkybreath and Cuddlemonkey.

He struggles with getting his tongue all the way back in his mouth. I think it's adorable.

Curious pugs!

This is his relaxed, content, "let's pillow talk" face. I loves.

I love to cook. I love to eat, try new restaurants, try new recipes, walk into a restaurant that smells delicious, froyo, all frozen treats, chocolate, food blogs and cooking classes. I. am obsessed. with food.

Running and sweating and being sore are some of my favorite things. I need them for balanced living and because I'd like to maintain some sort of figure throughout the majority of my days. I love health&fitness blogs, magazines and other various motivations (Pinterest, mostly. Yeah, just Pinterest).

Here's the thing about dating: it's not fun, and I'm not good at it. I really, really love my life and my world, and it's going to take a hell of a man to warrant a shift in the force. I put that out into the universe as a challenge I'm willing to accept, but I will not settle.

This is what the background of my phone is:

No, it's not roadkill. It's a mighty lion!

I'm running my first marathon in a little over a month (Dallas White Rock - Dec. 4, 2011), and I've already signed up for my second (New Orleans Rock n Roll - March 4, 2012). I'm excited, nervous and full of doubt, depending on when you ask me.

I'm an open book, truly. No secrets. Welcome to my bloghome.

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  1. AMY! Thanks for commenting, I immediately clicked over to check out your blog! First of all, your furbabies are too cute. I can't even look directly at that first picture of Benny! Secondly, I love your sense of humor. So excited to follow your blog :)