Thursday, November 24, 2011

I LOVE ALASKA (and Happy Thanksgiving, too!)

But seriously, I love Alaska. This place is wild and cold and beautiful and I love it!

Minneapolis Airport - new favorite airport... part because this ridiculous tiny little escalator totes made my day (um, actually, landing in Alaska made my day).

Next stop was Anchorage. Loved this airport too. Hot guys sans wedding rings abounded.
Final destination for the evening: Kenai, Alaska! "All America City"? Whatever, Alaskans have better things to do than worry about proper grammar.

This is how Lauren wipes snow off her car. ...because she has to do things like that now!!!
Lauren the Great! So, so ecstatic to be with LAUREN in the LAST FRONTIER!
We picked up Sofie from a little overnight Bed and...wait for it...Biscuit. Ah-ha! Ha! See? Hoo! Apparently some dogs LIKE the cold. Who knew? (Get a hint, Roger and Benny.)
Final picture of the day. Hallelujah! I'm in Alaska!
 So many things to be thanksful for this Thanksgiving. I am in LOVE with this state and am so thankful for friends who challenge and inspire me. Off to a Thanksgiving party with Lauren's Alaskan friends!

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