Monday, November 7, 2011


Bienvenidos from BFE, Mexico - my home away from home until Friday morning!

Home away from home...
This weekend flew (ha! ha! see what happened there?!) by.

I babysat. We both emerged a little worse for wear but as survivors. I respect him in his own little one year old way, and he damn sure knows by now not to interrupt me while I'm reading "Esta No Es Mi Conejito" to him.

I brunched. Just when I've had it up to HERE with Houston and her traffic and her mosquitoes and her heat, a little place like Natachee's (don't try to pronounce it) pops up on the radar and my resolve to love this city refreshes.

I ran (5 miles). I churched. I packed. I ran again (5 miles). I flew.

The entire time I was cheering for OJ, who was running the ING NYC Marathon this weekend. If I could raise that mere - yawn - $4500 for charity to participate, I'd be all. over. that. $4500!

One of the (many, many) perks of trips to BFE is getting to ride in some of the tiniest, most unpredictable planes I've ever travelled on in my life. Sometimes I freeze the entire trip. Last night, boxed in by a Continental patron who needed not only his seat, but half of mine as well, I genuinely had sweat rolling down my forehead from the heat. Upon emerging from the plane, I waited in a swarm of mosquitoes for a customs representative to look over my travel documents for 20 minutes. All the while, my hotel taxidriver was wondering, "Where is this Still, Amy?" and decided he should probably go ahead and leave. Welcome to BFE. Please see babysitting comments above for references to me being a survivor.

A now, just another reason why Houston is one of the fattest cities in the country the world:

You know what's next, don't you? Shipley's+McDonald's merger. One stop shop for fried potatoes and fried bread! Seriously. Why does the AIRPORT anyone need a 24 hour Shipley's?

When/If I get back to Houston, there's going to be some fun craft-happenings as a result of this weekend.

Mother-Daughter trip.

Infinity scarves in the making!

And finally, gratuitous pictures of Roger and Benny from the weekend doing what they love to do: snuggling and kissing and being weird little lover-brothers.

Yeah, I know what's on your pervy little mind! On to you, little one!

Hi, Pugsley. You're not totally innocent either.

But y'all are both really so adorable it hurts! Be good til I get back!

November Goal Update:
$9.50 spent on food as of 11/7/11
16  miles+weights as of 11/7/11
Food log in full swing. Apparently I cannot be trusted with Airheads, candied walnuts, or pretzels-and-Laughing Cow cheese.  

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