Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penzey's in the Heights

I am smitten with the Heights in Houston. I love that part of town. OJ and I have a ritual of devouring Collina's on Friday nights before our Saturday long runs, swallowed down with Menchie's frozen yogurt.

Sidenote: as we both wake up painfully early on Saturday mornings, this ritual has usually concluded by 6:30 pm. We are dedicated to the cause of running. Or we're nerds.

Last night I stopped in at a store near Collina's I had never noticed before. Penzey's.

And life was never the same.

Penzey's - Spice Mecca!

Pardon the blur - I think my hands were shaking from excitement.
Look at all the extracts!
All chickens should aspire to be reincarnated as delicious Ground Red Chipotle Pepper spiced creations. This smelled

This place is like if Anthropologie had a spice department - great packaging, covet-worthy product...
I can't post all the pictures I took, but they have spices from all over the world. I think they had oregano from four different countries!
Amen. Amen. Love people. Cook them tasty food. I love you, Penzey's!
Penzey's definitely made 11/11/11 extra special for me.

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