Saturday, November 19, 2011

3 sticks of butter and some sausage balls later...

Well, Thanksgiving is in full swing. I decided four Thanksgivings would be just about right for me this year: work, church, family and Lauren.

This little gem from Nothing Bundt Cakes was the crowning glory of Worksgiving. Don't get me wrong, there was a whole conference room of food, but this little cake cutie with its icing toupe just stole my heart.
Who's the cutest little lemon bundt cake? You are! You are!
Seriously, it was stupid delicious. First Thanksgiving: success.

This morning, I ran a dreaded 10 miler. At this point, little runs like this are so mentally draining, I consider running more just to make it worth my while. Every step sucked.

Consequently, I learned how much I operate on rewards-based systems. For example, this was my 10 mile reward:

Pizzafest at 8:30 in the morning, followed by a healthy dose of Kindle action....
...With these two squishies by my side. (Ummm we keep a stepladder in our kitchen because it turns out really tall kitchen cabinets are kind of a pain for short people).
Two naps and a PBJ later, it was time to get to work on my contribution to Thanksgiving #2: church.

Pumpkin pie bites that admittedly do not look delicious but that definitely delivered to the t-buds
And blurry chocolate chip cheesecake cups. (I AM NOT A FOOD BLOGGER.)

I baked, and sampled, and baked, and melted butter, and popped chocolate chips, and baked all afternoon. Roger and Benny loved it. I loved it. We turned on this movie:

And then we almost immediately turned it off. Super sucked. I HATE seeing boobs in movies. I'll spare you my rant on modesty and stuff; suffice it to say, I have strong feelings on the subject. Movie, off.

So, then it was time to leave.

Insert puggy guilt.
Oh, but before I left, I dropped the entire platter of mini pumpkin pie bites FTW. Thanksgiving curses and bah-humbugging ensued.

Thankschurching was legit. I was almost never without a sausage ball the entire time I was there. That's when you know something beautiful is going down. Speaking of beautiful...

Inger C - Capitan of the ladies of 323. Rockin' the specs!
Sauuuusaageee Baaaalllls (bottom right). Works of art.
Crystal M. Resident athletic badass.
Just making ourselves at home! What? It's THANKSGIVING for pete's sake! (Hey, fellas, lookin' for two hot dates?)
Yayyy Bible study girls!
Dear Monica, with your cute haircut and your brand spankin new 20 miler, you make me laugh. Or whatever this is.
Thanksgiving #2: even better than the first. I have high hopes for tomorrow and next week.

Austin with the family for T#3.

Alaska with Lauren for T#4.

Go holiday or go home. I'm goin' holiday all the way, behbeh!


  1. You let me know when our hot dates come around because I'm sure that pic is gonna make us fight off the boys!

  2. Yeah girl! There's nothing more attractive than girls who like to EAT! :)