Monday, November 14, 2011

Look to the Trees!


Two little happy trees, preparing for what they thought would be an easy, breezy yoga class at Lululemon. Several curse words (so unyoga-like), a bucket of sweat and an hour later, the trees were sore down to the roots. Ha! See what happened there? Trees?...roots?...mmk.

This class single handedly re-jumpstarted my love of the sport/art of yoga.

Tired, happy tree!
And my love of Lululemon. Good heavens, what a store!

Umm is this a joke?
I might need these reversible leggings. (hi, mom!)

I must say, normally Sundays are spent lounging, vegging, moping, reading, napping...everything except physical activity. But I could definitely get used to a good yoga butt-kicking to start off the week, especially if always followed by caramel apples, hummus and fabulous, out-of-my-permanent-price-range activewear.

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  1. HAHAHA I think the same thing when I see their sale rack. Less than 10% off is not clearance!