Friday, November 18, 2011

Chasing Wine with Froyo

I'm a very simple girl. I know what I like, and I don't really deviate from those things.

Roger and Benny
New/Different workout routines

That's my life...probably in that order.

This week was busy but satisfying. Yesterday marked winefest with THE LADIES #2.

This class: Thanksgiving Wines (who knew such a thing existed?!)
Correction: Thanksgiving Wines with that bozo in the background leading the crazy train.  

This class was heavy on the snobs, puffery and wine name-dropping (again, who knew this was even possible?). Ninja's outfit was super cute though, as evidenced by the no-fewer-than-5 guys who hit on her in the 2 hours we were together.

 The only possible way to rebound from wine hell was froyo. Enter Sweet Lola. Commence hallelujah chorus.

Sidenote: it wasn't really wine hell. I actually learned a lot and the biggest takeaway was that it'd be cool to have a traditional wine every Thanksgiving, so each year we can revisit it and note the changes. Despite my dislike of los patoots, I will obviously keep coming back for more.

On to the next, on on to the next...

Only four flavors, you say? Only four needed. Lavender? Pumpkin Cheesecake? Ohhh Lola.  

THIS is a froyo-eria! This adorable, boutique-y bohemian beauty! Sweet Lola I love you.
Even the froyo-ista is posh. OJ and Ninj making magic in their cups.
My masterpiece: pumpkin cheesecake (divine) + chocolate (wow) + pecan prailine nuggets. Froyo heaven definitely restored wine hell.
We might actually have been buzzing from Thanksgiving vinos and sugary delights. All in all, THE LADIES done did it again. Holla!

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