Tuesday, November 1, 2011



You know it's gonna be a magical day with a date like that!

Unfortunately *yawn* things are status quo today. It's just a regular old run of the mill Tuesday ...or is it?

Boys in Beanies!!

Kind of looks like an owl wearing a turban...

Rastafarian Weinie, Mon!
Look, normally I don't dress up the boys. They know it's unnatural and wrong (except, Benny is oddly at peace with his beanie), but I saw these little hats and scarves at Target, of course, and couldn't resist. It was one of those Target trips where I was buying really boring things, trying to avoid the clothing and shoes sections, and they freakin' stuck canine Christmas garb on a home-cleaning-goods endcap. Ohhh, Target. Evil!

Other than that, today has been very unexceptional, much to my chagrin.

I took a couple days off running because I lost feeling in two toes on my left foot, and there was a disconcerting pain in my right buttock-hip. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday I'm going to need fully functioning hips, dammit! Anyways, today I'm getting back up on the horse - ok, it's a treadmill - to keep pounding out some mileage, then it's off to Bible study with my girls.

I'm excited that this movie comes out on DVD today. Ryan Goslin isn't normally my cup of tea (I'm not into blondes, sorry), but he got it RIGHT in this movie! Emma Stone and Steve Carell also definitely boosted my opinion of this "rom-comedrama." 

Hello, my darling.

November Goal Update:
$0 spent on food as of 11/1/11
Food&exercise log in progress

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