Sunday, November 27, 2011

There Really is No Place Like Homer (AK)

Well, tomorrow is my last day in Alaska. Insert heavy sighs and frowny faces.

We made a beautiful trek to Anchorage today, and the views were truly breath-taking. If a jaunt to Alaska is not on your bucket list, please add it immediately (and I am very particular about bucket lists, so I would not lead you astray on this matter)!

Here are some random photos from the trip...

Sophiedog, mascot of my adventure!
Lauren and her furry love. A match made in doggy heaven!
Hahaha love it!
Have YOU ever been to a frozen beach?
I have. (Sidenote: before this trip I had full intentions of joining the polar bear club while here. See all my winter garb? That stayed on practically 24/7. There was no polar bear clubbin'.)
Love you, adventurous friend!
The trip was not without some unexpected excitement.

This was taken off highway AK1. The whole trip was dreamy.
Thanks for hosting me, beautiful girl!
This vacation has been the least stressful, most relaxing trip I've taken all year. We've watched movies, slept no less than 10 hours each night, declared our loves for Seth Meyers (Lauren) and Kermit the Frog (Me) (booze may have been involved), tooled around a freezing cold town and eaten ridiculously amazing food. A girl could used to this! Save me a place on your couch, Lauren!

I'm flying out Tuesday at 1 am, back to my little boys, back to balmy Houston...

and then...


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