Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yesterday was spent in Austin with my brothers and their wives, and while I normally detest playing games (board games, cards, anything athletic or competitive), I had such a great time!

The only game I tolerate is Apples to Apples, primarily because the only skill involved is out-ridiculous-ing everyone else. That I can usually do pretty well.

Despite my natural talent for losing, we had a great time hanging out and berating each other - you know, bonding.

I had been out for about 20 minutes at this point, but it was still fun watching the mayhem and adrenaline associated with slapping games (this was ERF).
No, I was much more inclinded to be like these guys...

Roger and Benny's cousin, Tanner

Roger and Benny's other cousin, Viggo
Dee lended (lent?) me a couple books, and I'm already loving this one:

Scent of the Missing by Susannah Charleson
Dogs are such amazing creatures. While mine certainly couldn't search and/or rescue a fuzzy toy right in front of their faces, much less a person, I very much relate to this magnet:

Okay, so I got Roger from a breeder as a pup, but I always think of Benny, my rescue puggy, when I see this.
Anyways, yesterday - super fun.

Today - woke up at 4:15 and hit the pavement to end the year on a long, high, sweaty note: 20 miles.

Most of the Houston marathoners are already tapering, but I really felt the need to get in at least one long run before Jan. 15, and today was finally that day. Ninja ran with me for about 11 miles, and that was truly the only thing that kept me going. I have learned I am NOT a solo's just too boring and all I can think about is either how much pain I'm in or how bored I am.

So with that behind me, all that remains until 2012 are the parties and the champagne...after I take my nap, of course.

Happy New Year! Be safe and enjoy!

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