Friday, December 23, 2011

Discovery Green

Remember when we were Texan kids and our parents would take us to manmade-snow slopes so we could see what it's like in states that actually experience four seasons?

I do. And the slopes were always majestic and enchanting, dangerous and frigid.

My how times have changed.

What in the world...?
 There are a lot of reasons why I'm glad I grew up in the eighties and not today. Apart from the weaksauce snow slopes these days, I'm glad cars didn't come with built in TVs. Car rides were slow and torturous, just like they should be! PG-rated movies were idealistic and innocent, no curse words allowed! Games like "Hide and Go Seek" and "Tag" were the epitome of afterschool fun. More than anything, I'm really glad cell phones and Facebook weren't around. My kids are going to hate me because I'm going to raise them old-school style. Like, we're gonna play outside and get dirty and use our imaginations, and when they're bad, the spankings will come in abundance!

So the snow slope was embarrasing. My mom and I still had a good time. We took the little gentlmen to the dog park:

All I can say is, my mom really, really wanted the boys to drink out of the doggie water fountain. No luck on that front, but we did confirm that doggie water fountains are very, very strange.

The boys were kind enough to pose with me in their Christmas collars. We had to the take the bells off Roger's collar because the noise scared him.
Tomorrow my parents and I are heading to New Braunfels and then on to San Antonio for Christmas with my brothers. I'm supposed to do a 20 miler tomorrow. Hilarious! Tomorrow and Sunday are for family and eating, and that is ALL!

(20 miler has been postponed til Monday. Groan.)

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