Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gangster's Paradise, or Wedding Dress Shopping

Guess what I haven't done today?

Work out.

Guess what I have done today?

Shopped for a wedding dress.
And now I'm watching Pride and Prejudice before forcing myself to work out (thanks for the motivation, Mr. Darcy) and then head to my last foreseeable Christmas soiree.

I love the way you brood.
 What you won't see in the following pictures is the bride-to-be, Ninja. The lovely, beautiful, wedding-dressed pictures of her obviously aren't yet for public viewing pleasure. What I can share with you are the good times outside the dressing room.

That's as close as you'll come to seeing a picture of Ninja in this post. But she's in there, promise, getting all matrimonial!

The moral support. The soundtrack to this day was OJ singing (and dancing to) Christmas carols...loudly. :)

Have a holly, jolly wedding dress shopping experience...

She was basically a one-woman musical.

Store number two was a gangster's paradise. There was no dancing. Only judging.

After a 2+ hour lunch with 2+ mimosas, it was time for the final act of the musical.
All in all, very successful day. Couldn't be happier for that Ninja girl, her Ninja boy, and their wonderful relationship! I also couldn't imagine a better wedding-dress-support-group partner than OJ.

Now stop distracting me, I really have to work out and get back out into the night!

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