Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Feels great to be back home, getting back to normal life. I really feel like I left Dallas one person and came back another, like my horizon really has been expanded. The last couple weeks have been epic for me, crossing two huge things off my bucket list (going to Alaska and running a marathon), so a (smallish) part of me wishes I could just have a couple days of boring with no obligations...but that ain't life!

Lunch today was with my two favorite runners: THE LADIES who made the Dallas marathon possible, OJ and Party Rock (aka Ninja). I have not only a new found respect for what they've put themselves through but crazy gratitude for all the pep talks, cheering, tips and advice they gave me.

...Not least of which was a bouquet of balloons! Huzzah! Balloons are so delightfully inconvenient and exciting. They fly all over the place and make driving nearly impossible, but almost nothing makes me as giddy as a congratulatory balloon!

Yayyy! Thanks, Ninja!
Oh, and I guess someday I'll have to take this off...

...But probably not until I have a new one to replace it with! Mwa haha.
My boss let me work from home today, presumably so he wouldn't have to hear my alternating bragging and pain moans. I'm really excited to sit down with this beauty that came in while we were gone:

New Year, New You edition?! I'm hooked!

Book review of Andre Agassi's Open coming soon! 


  1. Zebra print really highlights the awesomeness of that ridiculously cool shirt!

  2. I'm reading Open right now and it's sooo good!