Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Soups of our Lives

...One Life to Soup?
...As the Soup Turns?

Oh whatever, this is a post about soup.

I am not a food blogger or photographer; I'm the first to admit these pictures do not make this look meal look appetizing, so you just have to trust my impeccable judgment.

This is a little dish I've eaten at least the last four days in a row. It's quasi-healthy, and more importantly, it tastes like a million bucks. This guy recommended it to me.

Ingredients: head of broccoli (chopped), EVOO, garlic (chopped) and salt. [This is how Rachel Ray does her starting lineup for Week in a Day. Respek.]

Add to simmering water. [Yes, I agree that broccoli in water is not appetizing. This picture is no exception.] Only let it go for 3-5 minutes.

Offer Pug the last bit of the carrot you were munching on.

Regret the offer when pandemonium ensues.

Drain brocc.

Add to your favorite brand of tomato soup (mine is organic and comes in a box). Add cheese, scoop with saltines.
 Yum. Lately it's been followed up with Haagen Dazs strawberry and lemon sorbets.

Tonight after much backing and forthing with myself, I shredded and then lifted some weights. I only did it because I made a list and forced myself to work out before I could do any of the subsequent fun things on the list (that means you, bloggy!).

1. Sometimes lists are necessary.
2. Sometimes it's fun just to write your list out so you can cross stuff off of it and have a sense of accomplishment. 

Now I'm going to get my clothes ready for tomorrow (yes, that was another fun thing on the list!), meditate, journal and read. And maybe paint my nails (that was an optional fun thing). Good night!

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