Thursday, January 5, 2012

Run Happy

Today a wonderful thing happened to me...

These babies are luminescent!

I crossed over from the old to the new. Goodbye, Old Brooks. Hello, New! Brought to me courtesy of Zappos. "Run Happy" is the Brooks slogan, and that's exactly what I did tonight in my GTS 11's after a good 30 minute Shred.

Does anyone else kind of dread the new shoe glow? I felt like everyone tonight at the gym was looking at me like, "Oh look, that girl had a New Year's Resolution to work out more, so she bought new shoes. How sweet."

It's not easy saying goodbye to my old GTS 11's. They carried me through quite a hard, sweaty, awesome season of life, but sliding my feet into these new kicks made me feel like a new woman. It's amazing how a shoe changes and kind of collapses throughout its short life. I figured I'd break these in before the Chevron Houston Marathon coming up on Jan. 15, and then I'd let them basically just carry me through 26 and some-odd miles on race day.

Anyways. Fair wwell, old friends. Many thanks, and don't worry, I'll still be pulling you out for random walks and when I can't find the newbies. Y'all are like the Velveteen Rabbit in shoe form now.

Not sure what's dirtier - my post-workout face or these nasty old things. Oh well, we're practically one anyways.
First Friday of the year tomorrow! Holla!

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