Monday, January 16, 2012

Mini Recap

Second marathon in the books!

I don't have all my pictures from various sources yet, but I think between my parents (who videotaped me running to the finish - how cute!) and Ninja's fiance, there will be some really good ones!

Let me say first off that this marathon was night and day different than Dallas. Yesterday was sunny, cool for the most part and way more fun running with people I knew, on streets I knew. Our corral and pace leader was easy to find. There were lots of snacks and spectators throughout the whole thing, and the finish line was SO fun to come to - lots of music, cheering and spectators making a ruckus! I felt like a rockstar, despite not feeling like one at all.

I'm proud of myself that I ran all the way to mile 22 this time without stopping, as opposed to 18 last time. I definitely started feeling the Wall creeping in between 18 and 20 but was able to keep pushing through. After 20, I was straight up ready to be done, and at 22 I finally decided I wanted/needed to walk if I was going to enjoy the rest of the marathon. I alternated walking and running until 25 and then got a huge burst of energy and sprinted (okay, it FELT like a sprint but I'm sure it was actually more like a slow death crawl) to the finish. That finish line, seeing my parents, was one of the most glorious moments of my life. The sun was shining, music was blasting, and I knew this would be my last distance run for quite a while.

My marathon days are officially over (but I hear that's what they all say).

Sorry there are no pictures just yet. I did run behind Mattress Mac for about a mile, and I also ran past George Bush, Sr.! I ate bananas, pretzels and gummy bears on the course, as well as 3 of my 4 Gu's. Le Ninj and I got a couple shout-outs from our matchy shirts, and I saw a handful of friends along the way, which is always, always a HUGE encouragement!

I'm pretty sure I shaved only a couple minutes off my Dallas time, but I'm still so happy with yesterday!

And now, it's off to a celebratory lunch with THE LADIES!