Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Go Cougs!

My first class of grad school is tonight, and I’m really excited to open this new chapter of my little life!

I’m taking three classes this semester:

Principles of Human Learning
Introduction to Educational and Psychological Measurement (starts tonight!)
Cultural Foundations of American Education

By the time I was done with my undergrad degree, I was SO burnt out on school. I felt like it was unnecessarily expensive, and I honestly thought all my professors were a joke. Grades were absolutely not realistic or preparing me for “the real world,” and anything that didn’t directly benefit my education, I was against. (For example, I WORKED during college – if I wanted to skip three classes because you were boring as hell and I was exhausted, why shouldn’t I be allowed to?) (Also, I graduated Magna Cum Laude.)

I have a different attitude going into the Educational Psychology program. Even though I work full time, I’m excited about everything I’m going to be learning, and I’m invested in the studies because this is the direction I want my life to go. I know every little thing we do in life matters (firmly believe that), and I’m ready to focus my efforts and attention during these next months and years to achieve great things on both a short and long term scale.

I also downloaded a new calorie counting app I read about here, and I LOVE it! My goal is to lose 3 pounds by February first, so I’m on a daily allowance of a little over 1200 calories (unless I exercise, in which case, I’ll obviously eat more). Trust me, I know 1200 calories isn’t a lot, but with school starting and me wanting to do NOTHING after the Houston marathon, I think 1200 cals a day will be fine for a totally sedentary person for a couple weeks (again, I will allow myself more calories on the days I do bust a move).

Here's what I've got so far today:

Please note I've eaten cheese three times today. 

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