Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Excuses!

Against all my better judgment I've gotten involved in the Biggest Loser saga again this season.

I tuned in to one episode because I wanted to see who replaced Anna Kournikova, who replaced my beloved Jillian. Turns out Bob Harper's trainer-competitor this season is this guy:

Dolvett Quince
Well...who the heck are you?! You can't just show up on the Biggest Loser ranch and expect me to love you more than my second-best-to-Jillian, Bob!

Hello, you gorgeous blonde man (so not my type.)! 
Anyways, the theme this Spring is No Excuses, and I'm hooked already. Sometimes I have so many excuses for every possible issue in my life, I get tired of hearing myself talk. My favorites are hunger and boredom --- they are my quintessential excuses for some of the messes I get myself into.

I got invited to be a +1 to a wedding shower in New Braunfels in early February by someone I spent some time with in Colorado a few years back. Perfect reason to enact my own little Biggest Loser No Excuses ordeal.

If I could get as obsessed with my own healthy living as I do with these strangers, I'd be in great, great shape.

I'm off to see this little film tonight:

I lost a bet and he got to choose when, where and what movie we would go see. Otherwise I would NOT be seeing a Cold War movie...on a Wednesday night at a very cramped theater. ...But I'm also kind of not mad about it. ;)

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