Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Morning WIN!

I really, really dislike the grocery store. Correction - I love the grocery store, I hate grocery store traffic and mayhem. Consequently, I make quick trips throughout the week, usually before work (at 6 am) or during lunch. Going at bizarre hours usually means I am not equipped with a list, often leading to what the "experts" call impulse purchases.

Let me tell you, impulse purchases have been some of the best buys of my life. Case in point:

Land O Lakes Hot Chocolates: Mint, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate SUPREME!
Sipping, sipping...

I sat in my cube this morning and cradled a steaming cup of Mint Hot Chocolate. I knew from the smell that life had been incomplete until this very day. Empty beyond comparison until the moment I put that orange cup to my lips.

MAJOR success!

Dear cooler weather, I've all but given up on you, but that won't stop from heralding in the new season with gusto and ganas! I WILL drink hot chocolate, I WILL wear sweaters, and I WILL play Christmas tunes with or without you, cold weather!

Therapy tonight (love therapy. love it. love Carole.). We're dissecting dreams and talking about being heartbroken by female friends.

Workout tonight will be rushed if existent. Keep ya updated though fa sho.

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