Saturday, October 22, 2011

Easy Saturday

I'm at that point in marathon training where I'm excited I've gotten this far, but I'm really, really ready to get it over with. This morning I was supposed to run a 12-13 mile recovery run, but I'm pretty sure I sustained my first marathon-related injury last week on my 18 mile run, so instead I opted for a killer spinning class and 30 minutes of upper body strength training.

The rest of my day has consisted of making homemade chicken stock (can you IMAGINE how amazing my house smells?), which I turned into a "Throw it All in the Pot" chicken soup, which I followed with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dessert. Do you also love cereal as dessert?

The soup had shredded chicken, cannellini beans, tomato puree, chicken stock (obv), sweet potatoes, peppers and lots of different dried herbs. So delicious and fun to make!

I just started reading a new book, On the Divinity of Second Chances. I'm really excited about it, but when I tried to make another dent in the pages this afternoon, I ended up falling asleep with the boys. I finished Running on Empty a couple days ago, and it was such a great book. Definitely had a lump in my throat through some parts and felt myself cheering through the Kindle at other points.

All this to say, it's been a fantastic Saturday, and I suspect the majority of the rest of the day will probably involve a glass of sparkling wine and my new book. Obviously I'm not able to enjoy relaxing Saturdays like this very often, so I am soaking it all up today, every last ounce! 

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  1. I love this. It was much like my Sunday! I usually work Saturday's so it was great to spend the day with hobby doing and such!