Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freak Flag

Workout: 6 miles/1 hr

"Here's the thing, Meredith. You have a freak flag, you just don't fly it."

Here's the thing, I will watch Christmas movies whenever I want, and no one will stop me! The Family Stone is one of my favorites, despite having some painfully awkward moments; I gladly persevere due to my love of Luke Wilson, Dermott Mulroney, Diane Keaton and SJP.

Woke up hella early to go running this morning and consequently felt like crap by the afternoon. I'm hoping to get in a little weight training later tonight, but for the moment I'm perfectly happy watching this snowy, Christmas-y, feel-goodery movie to escape the heat and mosquitoes which are still unbearable here in Houston.

I swoon every time at this line: "You were shoveling snow. You were just a little girl in a flannel night gown. And you were shoveling snow from the walk in front of our house. And I was the snow, I was the snow. And everywhere it landed and everywhere it covered. You scoop me up with a big red shovel. You scoop me up."

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