Friday, October 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday (Friday Edition)

One order of Three Things Thursday (Friday Edition) comin' up!

First of all, TTT wasn't created on Thursday because things got a little rowdy last night at none other than Benihana, if you can wrap your mind around that one. Started out innocent enough, then a couple Japanese beers and onion-volcanoes later, it's way past my blogtime. So without further ado...

1. I don't like Benihana at all.
Is that a shocker for anyone? It's overpriced, it's gimmicky, and the food really isn't that great. I didn't know anyone still ate there until last night, and then I realized it's the place you go with your grandparents...when you're in middle school.

Dear Hibachi Master, my plate is empty and my beer is warm. You've been playing with my food for 20 minutes - give me my rice!

Hold the're not Japanese at all!
I do welcome ANY opportunity to show my mad chopstick skillz.
So, note to all my potential suitors out there, don't take me to Benihana, or any other hibachi grill place for that matter. In fact, don't take me anywhere. Cook for me, grill for me, bake for me, and we'll get along juuuust fine.

2.  My lunch breaks are incredibly hurried, unenjoyable and a source of great stress in my life.
I live about 25 minutes away from work, but I fly like a bat out of hell home every day to walk my little toots for about 7 minutes, then fly back down the highway, back to work, usually sweating, unfed and worried about how many wrecks I may have left in my wake. Here are some observations from my lunch yesterday.

Know what those mean? Rain. Rain and cooler weather!
Toot 1 and Toot 2, investigating a horse-mammoth-dog that lives in one of the townhomes near us (it's the beast poking it's head through the gate hole). Benny was doing his high-pitched, woman-whine and Roger was going all-out, uber-manly bark.

The backside of our townhome complex looks like post-apocolyptic America, circa 2070. Did I just let the cat out of the bag? Yes, the world will end in 2070. Put it in your dayplanner.

The best part is they leave those tractors out so when I'm walking the dogs at 5 in the morning, it really looks like a Transformers graveyard. Perfectly spooky for this time of year. (Hi, Downtown Houston, in the background!)

 3. There is nothing that a good glass of wine amongst girlfriends can't fix.
Often referred to as Whine&Wine, these outings are sure to boost quality of life and outlook on current situations. Yesterday, my sis, Dale, and I stopped in at Vintropolis for a pre-Benimania glass of house white. Not only did we get to sit outside to enjoy the cooler weather coming in, but we solved not a small number of the world's problems while we did it.

Practically RUNNING towards the wine. Or at least away from work.

Hi. Welcome.

Dear Sis, you're gorgeous and your red hair makes me super happy.
Sidenote: There are some misinformed out there who'd say I have no taste in wine. To them I say lower expectations mean I'm never disappointed in a cheap glass of house anything! And, more wine for me when you don't like your own! (Love you, Ninja. Can't wait for our Specs classes.)

So that was my Thursday, brought to you by Friday. Today and tomorrow should be very interesting - Saturday is my first 20 mile run! Commence freak out!

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  1. I stumbled onto this blog via Google, via your name on the left side as a potential IM'er and saw you had a blog.
    Now when anyone asks if I know what Amy is doing I can tell them.
    I have never been to Benihana. I assumed it was like a dinner theatre with the cooks as actors and improv stuff and maybe in Spanish, but their eyes taped back to look more Asian.
    Good luck on the craaaazy run. Ah, to be young again.