Sunday, October 23, 2011

Live from Intention

This image comes from Pinterest, a website I - along with most others I know - have become totally obsessed with. This sentiment comes from an attitude about life I desperately want to adopt.

Usually Sundays are my glorious, schedule-free, fight-the-Monday-doldrums day of the week. That would be called a habit. I am the textbook habit-driven person; habits are my security blankets and safety nets.

Some of my habits include:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Ezekiel bread sandwiches for breakfast, washed down with a Coke Zero
Reading through a specific list of blogs before starting my day.
Leaving for lunch at 10:45 every day to come home to walk the boys.
Leaving work at 3:30/4. No matter what.
Eating dinner almost immediately after walking in the door.
Being in bed, usually asleep by 9:30

Notice none of these things are necessarily healthy or positive, they are just things I've latched onto as necessary in my life. But, really, none of these things are essential...they are just habits. (Am I getting redundant?)

Some things I want to incorporate into my life but that would require living with (dedicated) intention:
Eating more vegetables.
Sweating once a day. No matter what.
Not eating as many sweets. Maybe not even eating any.
Working harder and longer.
Taking pictures with my Canon.
Sleeping less to have more hours to create/read/enjoy life.
Investing more time in my glorious friends.

This whole post was concocted in my head 45 minutes into my Bikram yoga class tonight, when I was dripping - literally, drenched, dripping, soaked - and barely able to think clearly. Our instructor reminded up to keep our eyes open, to "stay" in the room, to not wipe or fidget, and to be intentional in our workout. These are instructions I plan to carry with me as this week begins. To not be afraid to lay my habits aside in order to make more room for new intentional living.

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