Saturday, October 22, 2011

Honoring the Changing of the Season

Have you ever heard of this? I read once that it's important to do something to honor each season as it comes, beckoning it in, welcoming it into your life. My MO extends this even to new seasons of life - new years, birthdays, the beginnings/endings of periods of life. 

Today inadvertently became my "Welcome, Fall!" day. By this, I mean I've done almost everything that I love to do - exercised, cooked, ate, read, napped and hung out with my dogs. This afternoon, I extended the Fall Honorfest by going to my favorite little joint in Houston, Yogurtland, and piling vanilla, chocolate and strawberry froyo into my belly.

I came home intending to head back out for tennis with some friends but found out it was cancelled. Instead - and this is where the real honoring aspect comes in - I de-cluttered my room, study and bathroom. I dedicated 15 minutes to this endeavor so as not to become overwhelmed, but it turns out 15 minutes was all it took, and now I have an inviting, clean downstairs rather than stressful, aggravating areas I avoid. 

The new season deserves this, a fresh start. I deserve this. With the new season comes new perspectives, new weather, new opportunities and who knows what else. I deserve to be open, ready and willing to embrace all these things - free from the mess of seasons past. 

Anyways, again, today has been maybe exactly what I needed. I plan to open a bottle of sparkling white wine, rent a girlie movie from Amazon and read until I fall asleep (much like this little man has been doing all day). 


  1. Sparkling white wine meaning Sprite? Glad to hear you had a good day :-)

  2. Wow you decluttered in 15 minutes?? You are my hero!! And Yogurtland is one of my favs too :)