Monday, October 31, 2011

20 Miles Strong!

I did it! I did it!

I ran not 1, not 5, not 10, not 13.1, not 15, but 20 miles this Saturday!

Finally, finally, I feel like I might be able to join the ranks of those who have crossed the 26.2 mile threshold. Still, though, my nerves were (are) not quite yet on solid ground.

The weather was absolutely perfect. I'd say it was the prettiest day in Houston so far this year - cold when we stopped for water/fuel, but perfect when we were on the move.

My running partner was none other than NinjaCupcake who kept me entertained with stories of living in Paris and training cats. With her charm and wit, I barely remembered that my ankles felt like they were going to snap off or that my knees were on the precipice of shattering. Maybe that's the real secret to running a marathon - all you really need are good shoes and great people to help you forget that you've been running for 4 hours straight.

Ninja and me, immediately post-run. We keep each other entertained with our love of rap and gangsterly things.

2-0 baby!

Feelin' strong, Ready for brunch.

The most beautiful combination of great weather, burger, mimosa and friends. Living the dream!

Oooo Ninja! What she order? Fish Fi-let! 

The best way to celebrate a running milestone. Shout out to OJ (far right) who is running the NYC marathon this weekend!

And now, we go our separate ways (me, I go to bed).  

Hope everyone enjoys a festive, fun and SAFE Halloween today! October seems like it's the last "real" month of the year - I spend the next two months in a whirlwind bliss of family, travel, running the marathon and prepping for the greatness that will be 2012.

Coming later today: October recap and November goals.

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  1. Yay! I had fun. I'll spend the next 4 days coming up with even more impressive stories to tell!