Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just when you think you can't get any more stressed, the bottom drops out. It started with a large medical bill I got in the mail recently. Then it was needing contacts and glasses (and having to pay for them myself for the first time in my life). Next was the obscenely expensive, unnecessary speeding ticket. Charlie decides to move to Colorado within the week. Lopping off my own side view mirror with some help from the garage.

And then my car got flooded out by the rain. Awesome.

Enough was enough with the $300+ med bill. The expensive procedure was so invasive, gross and ghastly, by the way, that the doctors should have had to pay ME! But one thing after another keeps falling from the sky...and I'm weak! I'm scared! I'm....annoyed.

Fortunately I'm taking Friday off to be with Charlie, as this will be our last weekend together for quite some time. But hooray that the next time we meet will be in gorgeous, summery Colorado -- and he will be a ranger!

I need to lose some weight. I've said this I-don't-know-how-many-times in my life, but now I mean it because I really do want to lose a little weight. Fortunately I'm hearing that there's nothing to do in Rifle except work out, watch TV and ski, so I'm hoping to regain my high school/early college physique in July. Biggest Loser blows my mind. These people that were morbidly obese 13 weeks ago could drag me all over a running track and then do pulls up off the goalpost with me hanging on to them. Amazing. Frustrating.

My car is in the shop which means I'll be at work til about 5. That's a first (but probably not a last).

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