Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am going to Thailand next week! I leave Thursday and will get back Friday, May 1. Just in time to turn 24, which happens to be one of my parents’ favorite TV shows. I despise this show, but like to watch it to make fun of it and them.

Work has been busy. My bosses are back after being gone for 3 weeks, which means my work load has been doubled, tripled maybe. This is a good thing; makes the time go faster and means I’m learning and absorbing more than the average bear. Next week I’ll be in how-to-teach-SAP training. I’m so nervous about this, but I need to know it to be as efficient as possible in Thai.

I mostly-walked a 10K this weekend, and got so sore and burnt. I loved it. It was just for fun, just to get out into the gorgeous day. This weather kills me to be inside. Someone found me at work recently with my head through the blinds and my forehead on the window I wanted to be outside so bad. I can’t wait for this long weekend!

Personal life has been good. :) I’m back into reading: This Side of Paradise (Fitzgerald), The Perks of being a Wallflower (Chbosky) and Fates Worse than Death (Vonnegut). I’m loving all three and wish I could take a week to bury my head in them, only coming up for passion fruit sorbet, my other true love at the moment.

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