Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today is my Friday, and I’m bouncing early. 3 pm. It’s 2:21, so now you know why I’m writing a blog. I’m contemplating going on a clothing shopping hiatus. I’ve been reading the blog of a clothes addict who did the same, and I’m inspired by the challenge. Plus I’m masochistic so the possibility of depriving myself of something I adore sounds bizarrely appealing.

I know myself though, and cutting out clothing would just open up more ways to spend the same amount of money. More food, more accessories, more shoes (Mmm yesss)…Still, the hiatus sounds like a detox I could definitely use.

What am I doing tomorrow, most glorious of vacation days? Getting up early – yes, this is something I truly enjoy doing. Reading, maybe artsing, exercising and watching Food Network, TLC and HGTV.

I would really love to eat at Thai Thai sometime this weekend. Or Grin’s. What San Marcos needs is a Panda Express; Charlie has believed this since he moved there, and now I really want him to open one!

I bought popsicles yesterday at lunch and am keeping a box in the freezer here at work. Something about such a childish delight in the middle of a workday makes me super happy. My lips, teeth and tongue are currently stained purple. Haha!

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