Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thai Thai

Today is my office boyfriend’s last day in Houston. He’ll be in China for the next six months managing a trade show. How cool is that? I’ll miss his random, mostly-gross Asian treats he’d drop by. Once he bought me a chocolate milk after I had gone home for the day and left it at my desk overnight, not realizing that it had to be refrigerated. I was so delighted when I came into work the next morning, only to have my excitement crushed once I picked up the warm chocolate milk. He was my favorite NOV friend. Sigh. We’re going to a Mediterranean food place for lunch – yum!

Started reading Romans this morning. Everyone who knows anything about the Bible talks about Romans like it’s a labyrinth of depth and mystery. I agree and welcome the challenge.
My boss will come back on Monday after being gone three weeks, and we’re going to book my tickets to Thailand! I’ll be there for two weeks in the end of this month, training and teaching people. The trip will be fun but daunting seeing as how I’ve only been here three months myself.

Tomorrow is my Friday as I’m taking the real Friday off. I just needed to break up the routine and spend a day reading and cooking. Friday we’re having a cook out. I’m super excited!

My real boyfriend is incredible. That is all.

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