Sunday, February 1, 2009

Someday Never Comes

There was a Canadian boy we hung out with a lot in Australia. I never learned his real name, but everyone called him Jiggy. Jiggy was about 5 feet tall, hefty, with bleach blonde hair and what the other Canadians called a "fag tag." This tag was a lock of hair Jiggy had grown out and then wrapped with the most colorful thread he could find.

I don't know how long Jiggy (~ 22 yrs old) had been in Brisbane when we got there, and I don't know how long he plans to stay in Australia, but there's no doubt that he follows the ebb and flow of life with the least resistance of anyone I've ever met. Everywhere he goes, he gets a tattoo, and right before I left, he got a huge tattoo on the underside of his forearm that said "Someday Never Comes." Obviously, I loved it.

Alanis, my sage, is all about travel and personal, spiritual, phsyical growth. Her newest CD - better than Blue Bell on a hot day. The first track is called "Citizen of the Planet," and there are just a few lines I love:

Then I fly back to my nest, I fly back with my nuclear but everything is different. So I wait, my yearn for home is broadened, patriotism expanded by callings from beyond. I pack my things nothing precious all things sacred.

And so, the next few years are blurry, the next decade's a flurry of smells and tastes unknown. Threads sewn straight through this fabric through fields of every color one culture to another.

I already can't wait to travel again. I'm overwhelmed with excitement for the wee one and her trip to California! Viva la vida!

Tomorrow I start in Houston. My parents made me a makeshift bedroom in their tiny condo, so I'm sitting in "my room," listening to them eat dinner and watch The Boss perform at halftime. I'm super glad to be home.

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