Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Office... my favorite (except for LOST, duh). It took me many seasons to actually like this show; I thought the characters were so unbelievable and unrelatable. Now, adoring the show as much as I do, I'm ashamed to have judged so harshly, so incredibly cruelly! Dwight was my least favorite. Dwight is now a golden spectacle of what a real man should be.

My stitches are out, my scabs are healing and now I've got some cool tribal-looking scars on my stomach. I'm not mad about it.

Mark Driscoll is my favorite pastor ever, and I've never even been to his church. He leads at Mars Hill Seattle, but I'm able to hear him speak every week through podcasts. He did a series called The Peasant Princess that focused on the Song of Solomon, and it rocked my world. I love hearing about relationships. I've always been this way; it's not a nosyness but a genuine desire to hear and understand how different people relate to those they do (or don't) love. The series was about relationships for both singles and marrieds. It was great, great, great on both levels.

Anyways, nobody but Driscoll can deliver God's Word with such unapologetic love and fear for the Lord. He speaks with insane conviction, power and desire for everyone to know and love Jesus, and it blows me away every week. For the next 8 months, he's preaching on 1 and 2 Peter - I'm very excited.

I'm reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Now that I'm making a couple bucks I might need to learn about stuff.

My best wishes.

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