Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Consider yourself updated:

Best Valentine’s Day ever. In every way I could be wowed, I was.

Come to me for all your Excel queries; I am officially a spreadsheet wizard, whether I wanted to be or not.

Only one more doctor to see, but everything feels fine!

Coraline. LOVE the name almost as much as I disliked the movie. I prefer a movie without a moral as opposed to one with a poorly constructed plot centered around a weak message. But the 3Dness was pretty rad.

I will be in Houma, Louisiana next week, Tuesday – Friday. Houma?, you say. Yes, a tiny, dirty, industrial little town in LOUISIANA, no less! But guess what next week is…..

Mardi Gras.


I’ve never been anywhere near Louisiana during Mardi Gras, and Houma is actually an hour away, but hopefully at least one night we’ll make it down to some of the festivities. I’m not one to get crazy, but from a cultural standpoint, I can’t wait for this experience!

I’m not reading any good books right now, and this greatly depresses me. My masochistic nature sometimes prevents me from doing the one thing I know I love: reading. I’m thinking Total Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey) for my serious book and maybe In Cold Blood (TC) for fun.

Beth Moore again tonight! No doubt I’ll come back inspired and refreshed.


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  1. so glad you are feelin better :)
    enjoy the festivities