Friday, January 30, 2009


One of the most loathed words in my lexicon. I get super stressed out when I can't sleep, mostly because I used to be an insomniac, and the sleeplessness was torture. Your whole body and mind are depleted completely, screaming for release and reparation, but as soon as the lights go out and the eyes shut, brain activity increases to the nth degree. Jetlag reminds me of those days, and I lay awake throughout the entire night praying the disease stays far, far away.

In the meantime, I've been thinking about the past 6 months and have decided they are the most eventful, wonderful, trying times of my life. I graduated, moved to and worked in Utopia (Steamboat Lake State Park, CO), went on the most incredible roadtrip, somehow got a job with a company that inspires me more every day, moved to Australia, got ovary-assaulted and had surgery, and now I'm back home. Whirlwind - a beautiful act of nature and force of God.

The plan as I foresee it (and I'm far-sighted so the immediate details of life often elude me) is to live with my parents in their itty bitty bohemian nomad condo...and I'm starting to very much gel with the idea. Staying in Australia would have helped me save a lot of money, meaning pay off a lot of debt, but living with my parents will hopefully have a comparable effect.

That being said...I can't stop thinking about all the goodies I want to buy now that I'm back, and I am all too easily rationalizing these goods away as "necessary for work." Fortunately, I am the girl who will shop in a store long enough to pick up everything at least once with the intention of buying, only to throw everything in a corner at the last minute and bolt with all money preserved. Said work items include: Blackberry (salivate), new wardrobe courtesy of Banana Republic and J Crew, new glasses and a fridge/pantry full of tantalizing and new foods.

Speaking of food: there are cookies called TimTams in Australia that Hugh Jackman introduced me to. I practically ate an entire box in one sitting, so maybe scratch all the exotic, new foods, as I'm going to be losing TimTam weight for the next 3 years.

Have I mentioned I'm thankful to have air conditioning?

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