Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I got really freaked out today when I realized my houndstoothish skirt matches my chair! It’s like I’ve been sitting so much my lower half and my throne have become one.

Wednesdays are always and only filled with LOST thoughts. I’m terrible at spoiling things for people but only because knowing what happens in a book/movie/show doesn’t diminish the overall experience for me. I’m DYING to talk about LOST to people, but always, without fail, the only people around are people that aren’t caught up! TIME TRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that’s all I’ll say. I was so pumped about going to Aus because the trip there literally skips a calendar day. When people ask me what super power I’d most like to have, time travel and the ability to read people’s thoughts.

Church last night was great, but you probably already knew that. We talked about claiming our territory, standing firmly on our ground. We defined our “land” with the following “borders:” our relationship with God, our past (the painful parts), our life experiences (the other stuff) and our spiritual gifts. Beth talked a long time about dealing with the pains of our past, and how if we aren’t claiming that ground because we’re scared or wary of it, Satan will. No matter how hard it was, it’s MINE, not his, and it happened to somehow bring God the glory. In faith, with courage, we claim that and retrieve our territory for the Lord. Love it.

I don’t know why, but pay weeks are always more tolerable than not pay weeks. Okay, maybe I do know why…

It’s been super drizzly here in Houston, but since going home during lunch and taking Jackie for a walk is a great way to break up the day, we’ve still been doing our thing! We had an encounter with an opossum yesterday; those things are so other-worldly creepy! Jackie broke her leash trying to get at it. Every time we get back inside the condo, she gets a drink of water then looks up at me, waiting for a treat. Usually, she’s eaten cat poop, disobeyed my every command and then pouted once I’ve directed her back up the stairs to home…yet still she looks as though I’m the jerk for denying her a treat. Devil dog.

Anyways, I’m an hour away from going home and cooking a chicken and mozzarella manicotti dish that Charlie made this weekend. SO DELISH, perfect for 8 pm tonight. LOST!

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