Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My life is now Excel. I've learned more in the past 2 days than I ever thought Microsoftly possible, and I'm not unimpressed. Unfortunately I have no idea what the data I'm reporting means, but Excel is a super cool program and is certainly a necessary skill for my repertoire. A former NextGen (another NOV program) is tutoring me, patiently answering my million-a-minute questions all day long.

Houston is cool. I need to make friends here and then I might even love it.

When I was growing up in Katy, my family and I went to Houston First Baptist Church. Unbeknownst to me, a woman named Beth Moore attended the church and would eventually start to lead a small Bible study there. Fifteen years later, the rest is history. Last night, I went to a seminar at HFBC she's doing called "The Inheritance." I could be wrong, but I think she's filming the episodes for an upcoming Bible study (probably called The Inheritance). The whole night was super moving, both the worship and the message. I went by myself (no other option), sat in the upper balcony (sometimes I like to watch the crowds worship) and didn't actually speak a word to anyone (except 'No, that seat's not taken!"). Beth Moore will be at the church every Tuesday til middle of March, and I plan to be there every week!

Since it's a Baptist church, it shouldn't be surprising or unfair to say that worship is a little tamer than I'm used to. As I was surveying the land, I saw some people raising hands and most, clapping. In one particular section, though, a group of women were rocking out, getting down and worshipping like few I've ever seen! This was the deaf section, and it was so powerful to see a whole section of women all signing in unison and with incredible passion. It brought tears to my eyes. I thought, we can't see our words, but when we sing with that much desire for the Lord, our voices must have that same breath-stealing effect in Heaven (as well as Hell).

I'm waiting for someone to tell me I'm healed through and through so I can join this Bikram yoga gym by the condo. I also need to find some artistic outlets because Excel is like negative amounts of creative.

The end for today.


  1. ummm hi! my name's impero and i live in the houston area!!! date night soon?!?!?

  2. artistic outlets is it :)
    send pix