Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today, I'm a list person.

1. Running 3 miles today. I've been mentally preparing for most of the day. Okay, okay - I realize running 3 miles isn't a big deal. "Real" runners do it all the time. Me, I'm still in the poser runner phase, so the mileage is tracked and re-tracked like a much loved vehicle. My feeble brain hopes that thinking about running 3 miles will transition seamlessly into running 3 miles without so much as a trickle of sweat. Oh, delusion, my closest friend!

2. On the heels of #1 is my new addiction: runnersworld.com. There is one particular columnist, Kristin Armstrong, whose union of running and zen living is better than a whole batch of
chocolate fudge brownies.

3. I want a garden. Correction: I want to build and tend to a vegetable garden. And then I want to eat the fruits of my labor!

4. I'm ready - beyond ready - to move to Colorado. I'm really only in Houston for another 3 weeks, not counting the two weeks I'll be in Thailand.

5. We're growing up, always. "It's not what you do once in a while that makes a difference; it's what you do day in and day out."

6. Tried a new recipe last night from the cookbook Chas gave me. Chicken Piccata! Mmmm.

7. Can't wait to see my girls this weekend. :)

8. It feels so good, so enlivening, to GIVE. Give compliments, give hugs, give a smile, laughter, gifts, food, freedom of expression -- it feels like my innermost spirit, where my precious Jesus lives, to give.

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