Thursday, May 21, 2009


Having not watched a single episode of this season of American Idol, I thought the finale would be a good place to start. Little did I know I was sitting down to the Adam Lambert show. Without a doubt, his voice is outrageously good. I felt my inner diva belting right along with him every time he sang. But also, in my opinion, there’s no question that Kris should have been the winner, and I’m glad the votes agreed with me. Apart from Kris’s voice, looks and talents, the fact that the show was so obviously biased towards Lambert made Kris’s win all the more exciting.

Remind me, please, why I’m not constantly on-my-face-grateful for my life. Some people, like my mom, are not circumstantially happy. She is just happy all the time. She is unaffected by the little things all the time. I’m not there yet, but I’m working towards that kind of contentment and security because it is truly one of the most inspiring, refreshing dispositions I’ve ever known.

Today, I’m happy because of the circumstances. Things are undeniably good this week. Rather than beat myself up for knowing that I wouldn’t be in this great of a mood if the week had gone differently, I’m going to be thankful and spread the love. I got to be Kris Allen this week, the one who walked away with ultimate joy and giddiness, even though sometimes it seems like we’re performing in a show designed for someone else. Maybe it’s using my God-given ability, flashing a smile and staying humble that makes the confetti fall and stars shine in my brief episode of life.

And blaring Queen every once in a while probably couldn't hurt either....

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