Thursday, March 26, 2009


Rainy weather makes me so sleepy! The forecast predicts a massive red and green weather thing headed towards Houston; I would love to be headed towards bed right now.

Well, it's official. Everyone in my life, especially the people I thought wouldn't get married til they were senior citizens, everyone is getting married. I'm happy for them, definitely, but it's ironic to me that out of that whole group of people I grew up with, the only two unhitched are my ex-boyfriend and I. We must have really messed each other up! This is why dating before the age of 22 is unproductive and dangerous. My kids are going to hate me once they reach puberty.

I went on a shopping spree yesterday. A curse has been lifted. A curse so scary, so threatening, I feared I might never be healed. For quite some time now, I've gone shopping only to pick out 20 things I love and then leave them in the dressing room and practically run out of the store. It's like I would get a pani-couture attack. Yesterday, I told an intern I was going shopping, I was going to buy something, and that was that. My new tactic: don't look at the price tag. This sounds ridiculous, and I wouldn't condone this sort of activity under normal circumstances, but I needed - like, NEEDED - clothes.

So I could judge things based on how they looked before being like, "Wow, this looks great but it's so freaking expensive I can't stand the sight of it!" I tried on, then peeped at the price tag, then looked again in the mirror and decided. It works!

Also, I've been grocery shopping almost exclusively at Whole Foods. I know I said I wouldn't do this, but I want to be healthier, and because I have the resources to buy organically right now, I am. It's not a lifestyle for me, and I can't stand anything all...but right now I can treat myself a little, so I am.

My grandmother is doing well, extremely well as a matter of fact. The doctors thought she was brain dead after this last heart failure, but she can open her eyes and say "No." Life - the most fragile yet tenacious gift we've been given!

LOST last night was insane. And my friend has been posting super old pictures on fb that are making me crazy-reminiscient. And there's much work to be done.

This weekend is my dad's birthday! I praise Jesus for everyday I have with him. Charlie, my family and I will have dinner with him Friday, and then Charlie and I have a wedding to go to in Houston on Saturday, so we'll do some fun outing this weekend! Hooray! Just have an hour and a half left of today and then tomorrow.......

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