Friday, March 20, 2009


This is how Fridays are. Every single one. By two o’clock there’s no point even trying to be a little productive. People start trickling out, everyone’s up mingling and you can tell the weekend itch is screaming to be scratched! Today a fellow intern and I have spent several hours plotting an early escape. The route, the excuses, the justifications…well I came in early that day, well I took a short lunch this day…it doesn’t matter; we’d feel guilty no matter what.

I love seeing everyone in their “casual attire.” Business-wear is fine, and I am always interested in seeing what people pull together, but Fridays are fundays in terms of clothing. Payday Fridays are super fun because I can feel not quite as bad about going out and buying whatever pieces I found attractive.

Charlie is headed to the big H tonight! I am so pumped; we never have enough time to do everything I want to do. We’d have to eat 12 times a day just to fit in all the restaurants I want to sample. Museums, bars, galleries, parks…I love Houston. Overlooking the traffic in Houston has been a breeze compared to living in Austin. And I’m tired of the complaints of what a growing monster Houston is – with size comes variety.

Let’s talk about how perfect the weather is today for one moment. I am dying for a barbeque or beach party or a hammock – my cubicle and window will have to suffice for two more long, torturous hours. Then, it’s the freakin weekend, baby, bout to have me some fun!

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