Monday, January 26, 2009


Well I have a few blogs written up that I wanted to import, but this internet cafe doesn't have Microsoft Word, and I'm just unfortunate enough to not know how to get the text by other means.

Basically, I got really sick and I'm coming home. A massive ovarian cyst has been growing on my right ovary. It wrapped itself around the ovary three times and was suffocating the life out of it and my fallopian tube. I had emergency surgery down here in Australia, and I'm okay, but the company, my family and I have decided it just makes sense to come here and get better. I have about 10 stitches in my stomach so mobility is limited but getting better.

I struggled with whether or not to return. I'm just starting to love it here, but in the long run, I want kids and I don't want to hurt my chances by not being smart when it counts. I'm so, so sad to leave and am trying to keep all thoughts of being a failure or quitter at bay. I got sick; it happens. They will set me up in Houston with a job at NOV HQ, and I'm flying out any day.

That's the news! Love y'all.

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