Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So McDonald’s here is called Macca’s. Subway has the 7 dollar foot long, instead of the 5. Burger Kings are called Hungry Jacks, and the curries here are to die for. Val and I went to Subway this evening immediately after work. I got a grilled chicken 6 inch on white bread with avocado, and then I loved myself for making that selection. We laid on the couch for an embarrassingly long time waiting for Friends to come on, and then by the time it was over, it was 7:30, which is almost my bed time.

Biggest Loser Australia starts Feb. 1…I LOVE THIS SHOW! There are some trails alongside the Brisbane River that are seconds from where we live. They take walkers and bikers from Toowong down to Brisbane and back again on the other side of the river. My goal is to be able to run to the city and back, which is only about 6k, by the time I leave. Side note: converting everything (EVERYTHING) from miles to km, inches to cm and Fahrenheit to Celsius sucks!

I’m getting used to work. Right now we are hot ‘n heavy trying to get the office moved to its fabulous new location, so that involves a lot of practical, tangible tasks I can wrap my brain around. Once we are settled, our boss tells us we will spend 3 months in inside sales and 3 months in purchasing. No clue what either of those positions will entail, but I’ve resigned myself to not getting stressed just yet. I’ve also started to accept that although my boss is a lot different than anyone I’ve ever worked for, and that her personal life isn’t what I would choose for myself, and that I’ll probably never get a warm and fuzzy “good job” out of her, she is an INCREDIBLE manager and business woman. It has been rocking my world to watch her in action. I’m certainly learning a lot of professional prowess from her.

This upcoming Monday (Jan 26) is Australia Day, which means we get our first 3 day weekend! I’m not sure what the Canadians have cooked up, but I’ll probably go along this time. These boys are crazy, there’s no other way to describe it, and my goal is just to be up front, honest and steadfast when they cross the line. Which has already been many, many, many times in the 2 times we’ve hung out. They call Val “Miss America” and me “Texas,” and they always refer to us as “miss” even though we are generally close in age. “Why aren’t you drinkin’, Miss?” “Have a good day, Miss?” These guys have such a strong Canadian accent, they sound Irish! It’s weird and hilarious!

Well, I’ve been here one week. Hoorah! Every day is getting better. I still miss everyone so much it makes me nauseous, but I’m able now to have a TIIIINY bit more perspective. A little. Every day, a bit mo’ betta’.


  1. I had no idea you had moved to Australia. So glad you have a blog, and i'm so glad to hear that things are getting better everyday. I can't imagine being so far away from "home". I love you, Amy Still! Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. Oh Stilly! I just love you!! You've been given such an incredible opportunity...i mean, AUSTRALIA?!? That's pretty "bad-booty" if you ask me!! ;)

    Glad things are slowly getting better...6 months will be over in NO TIME!

    I love love love you and will be praying for you like crazy!!

    IMPERO (not the same Megan that posted a comment already...)

  3. dude i feel ya on that conversion stuff :)
    america should bite the bullet & go metric already.