Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holy Bloomin' Onion, Batman!

This blog will be frantic, as I'm leaving for the airport in 4 hours. I just wanted to establish a single post before my world gets flipped completely opposite on its axis (literally).

I'm moving to Australia at 7:15 pm tonight. My two(!!!) suitcases are packed to the busted zipper point, and every five minutes I check to make sure I (still?....still?....still?) have my passport.

I work for National Oilwell Varco in a program that is designed to give me a from-the-ground-up perspective on the oil industry, specifially the distribution side of this fabulous company. Last week I met with the other 12 interns, and we had a blast surmising what each of our different rotations would be like. I'm not sure how I got mixed in with these brilliant, sophisticated kiddos, but I sure am thankful! Valerie and I are headed to Australia, but we've got others going to Dubai, Scotland, Holland, and Indonesia. After these six months, we'll all spread out again and relocated somewhere else. I'll be headed to Rifle, CO.

I'm googly-eyed right now. The internship has been SO generous to all of us, but even more importantly, everyone has been so patient and welcoming. NOV is massive (almost 40,000 employees worldwide); it would be so easy to feel like a tiny, floundering, DOA fish in a huge pond, but in reality the opposite has been true. I'm very excited for the things to come.

I will try to post frequently, and once I get a camera (meaning once I get a paycheck) I'll post some pictures. All my best, best, best.

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