Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello, A Month Later!

Hello, bloggy friends!

I've been gone for a few weeks, often missing this blog, other times being at peace with its demise for the time being. Ultimately, I'm on the fence and don't want to pressure myself to either blog every day or to not blog at all. It's my blog and I'll do what I want with it, y'see?

The first thing I'd like to share with you is my mild obsession with this website right now. She's starting a new series called The Burning Question, and once a week she's going to post a question to respond to. This week's was about how you want to feel. Since I'm 80% emo-kid, I jumped all over that!

These are my responses - 

I want my day to feel like a sunrise.
I want kissing to feel like skydiving.
I want my next success to feel like being at the top of Hahn's peak in Steamboat, CO. 
I want my body to feel like a 1200 cc motorcycle.
I want smiling to feel like swinging at the park on a crisp, sunny day.
I want my friendships to feel like the brunch I had at Liberty Kitchen this Sunday.
I want my nervous system to feel like Pearl Jam.
I want my integrity to feel like a good hard Shred with Jillian Michaels.
I want my money-making to feel like dancing.
I want my word to feel like real conversation with a trusted friend.
I want my laughter to feel like Wild Berry Skittles.
I want the end of the day to feel like hot peppermint tea.
I want being of service to feel like having a made bed to crawl into at night.
I want my philanthropy to feel like rock climbing.
I want my challenges to feel like camping in the Redwoods.
I want my love to feel like warm half-baked brownies.
I want my writing to feel like the Mediterranean.
I want my ideas to feel like waking up completely refreshed.

In other news, I've been running and shredding, and running some more (can almost tackle 3 miles at a 9:15 pace on the TM at this point). I've been working and schooling and being with my fuzzy boys. I don't dig this winter weather, and I'm about 90% convinced I'm going to start tanning again in what can only be described as a DESPERATE attempt to beckon summer back.

Here's to Monday!

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