Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is a good one.

Question of the week is "What's the one dumb thing you used to believe in?"

I'm a person with a lot of beliefs. I'm fact, I'm extremely idealistic, especially in the realm of romance. I have long hoped for a man who would understand me, believe in me, root for me, challenge me and adore me -- all within 45 minutes of meeting me. This is a dumb thing I used to believe in, and let me tell you why. 

I've realized that for much of my life I've been looking for myself in manform. Why? Because I'm comfortable with me, and I'm safe with me.

I'm great and all, a lovely little human, but when it comes to someone who's going to be my life partner, that man has to take me outside of myself, not remind me of myself and make me more me-like. The challenging, the understanding, the believing - those aren't necessarily going to come in packages that I'm familiar with; I'm not going to meet a man who reads blogs, loves to cook and thinks Ryan Gosling is hella hot (at least I hope not). But I do believe someday I'll meet a man, and one day he'll do something or say something that is uncomfortable because it's unfamiliar, and I'll be like - woah, you aren't me, and I totally dig it. 

For lent this year, I went back and forth. Paleo diet for 40 days or more Bible reading? After evaluating my Paleo plans for .0035 seconds and realizing it had absolutely nothing to do with Jesus, I decided on dedicating myself to reading one chapter from Acts every night throughout Lent. I think Acts is only 28 chapters, so once I get to the end, I'll start over. 

As far as the firefighter goes, date #3 (third date in a week) is this Friday. I like a lot of things about this man, and I like that it's all been very low key and slow (no texting 6 hours a day). I've been doing lots of praying and soul-searching to keep myself grounded. I have learned the hard way that as appealing as something (someone) may seem, give me God's way every single time because I know that's where my ultimate joy and love come from. 

...That being said, I'm ready to have my first kiss in almost a year, and I'd be fine with Friday. :)


  1. I pink sparkle heart every word of this post! Fingers crossed for Friday! ;0)