Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Cuss of a Good Movie

Decent day at work.
Three page paper for school submitted.
Awesome 3 mile run at UH.
Dance party with weights back at home.
One snoring pug plastered against my side.
And a smelly wienie not far off.

Life is good!

This past Friday I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox with some friends and was reminded of how cussin' amazing this movie is. It's probably one of my top five.

It took me a while to appreciate Wes Anderson's movies.

This one was the first one that made me all googly-eyed for his stuff:

And when I get right down to it, it's this guy. This big ol' jewish hunk of love..

And Wes loves him too, so that's just about all the reassurance I need.

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