Friday, July 30, 2010


I'm obsessed over people and their "once a days."

You know, people who do something every day, whether it be draw something once a day, take a picture once a day, run 6 miles once a day, write 3 pages in a journal once a day, etc. I believe there is so much to be gained from repetition, especially once you arrive at the place of really, really, really not wanting to do that one thing anymore. The act of muscling through the stall is immensely beneficial; to slam into a wall of uncreativity, unoriginality and cliched thinking, and to keep going, is where real magic happens. I want that magic.

Sadly, I've never had this kind of dedication. It's much easier for me to remove completely than to practice with moderation. If someone told me to eat 200 less calories a day, no problem. If someone told me to eat 2 bell peppers a day, we have an issue.

For a while I tried to write 3 pages a day in my journal; for a while, it was really awesome. Then I hit the wall.
I tried to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day...until the wall.
I tried to be better at keeping in touch with friends. Wall.
Right now, I'm drinking 3 Nalgenes of water a day, but I'm sure that, too, will find its way to a wall.

The walls will never go away. The question is how badly I want that creative magic, and how many walls I'm willing to blast through to get there. Til then, once a day away, people! I am learning from you and will someday join your ranks!

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